Thank you for your interest in joining Broomall's Lake Country Club (BLCC).  We are here to assist you (and your family) in answering any questions regarding BLCC; and giving you the forms and information necessary for BLCC to process your application.  BLCC is currently at or near capacity; thus we are placing all Applicants on a Waiting List.  All Applicants must complete all required forms and provide all required information before their Application will be considered.


Each Applicant must complete / provide the following documents and information

  1. New Member Questionnaire
  2. Membership Application (Names and ages (birthdates) of all proposed members)
  3. Background Clearance ((Criminal Background Clearance (PATCH), Child Abuse Clearance


Please submit all information together (Background and Clearance may take several weeks to receive).  Once you receive your Clearance IDs, please send all documents and information (DO NOT SEND PAYMENT) to:

Email: (w/ attachment) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

USPS Mail - PAI Swim Club Services Division, PO Box 36, Lansdowne, PA  19050


When all paperwork has been submitted and approved, memberships will be filled in the order which they were received.  Initiation Fees and Annual Dues payments are required to be paid in full prior to receiving Membership Cards and access to the facilities.  We will contact you ASAP when we receive your paperwork.  Checks and credit cards are accepted as form of payment.


We are available at the PAI Swim Club Servies Helpline (610.626.9500) to answer any additional questions (9am-4pm Monday through Friday).  After hours please leave a detailed voice message for a timely response to your call.


Thank you for your interest in BLCC!  We are looking forward to a wonderful summer season.


Lori Ricci - Broomall's Lake Country Club

(Member Services through PAI Swim Club Services Division)




The following links will allow you to download the Application Request Form and Background Clearance instructions.  

 Application Request Form                Background Check Requirements              Membership Application Form (invoice)